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What does a land surveyor do? And why land surveying matters for property owners

Land surveying is a critical service for property owners. But many people are still asking, What does a Land Surveyor Do?

Land Surveyors provide accurate and up-to-date information about the boundaries, dimensions, and features of a piece of land. A land surveyor, who is licensed and qualified, is responsible for conducting the surveying process. In this blog post, we will discuss what a land surveyor does in Canada and why land surveying is an essential service for property owners.

What Does a Land Surveyor Do in Canada?

A land surveyor is responsible for conducting surveys of land, property, and buildings. They use a combination of advanced technology, such as GPS and laser-based measuring tools, and traditional survey methods, such as using a tape measure and leveling instrument, to gather data and create a survey plan. A land surveyor must have a thorough understanding of the laws and regulations related to land surveying in Canada, as well as the local geography and land use patterns.

The main responsibilities of a land surveyor in Canada include:

  • Determining property boundaries and ensuring that they are accurately marked
  • Providing information about the location of buildings, roads, and other structures
  • Determining the size and shape of a property
  • Measuring and mapping the contours of the land to determine any changes in elevation
  • Ensuring that all survey work is conducted in accordance with local and national regulations

Why is Land Surveying Important for Property Owners?

There are several reasons why land surveying is an important service for property owners in Canada.

a. Property Boundary Disputes

One of the most common reasons property owners require a land survey is to resolve disputes over property boundaries. A land surveyor can determine the precise location of property boundaries and ensure that they are accurately marked, which can help to resolve disputes before they escalate or better yet before they begin.

b. Building and Renovation Projects

If you are planning to build or renovate a property, a land surveyor can provide important information about the location of buildings, roads, and other structures. This information is essential for ensuring that the project complies with local building codes and regulations and that the property can be developed as planned.

c. Selling or Buying a Property

When buying or selling a property, a land survey can provide important information about the size and shape of the property and its boundaries. This information can be useful for negotiating the sale price and ensuring that the transaction goes smoothly.

d. Environmental Concerns

Land surveying can also be used to identify environmental concerns, such as the presence of wetlands, flood zones, and other sensitive areas. This information is important for property owners, as it can affect the value of their property and their ability to use it.

Different Types of Land Surveys

There are several different types of land surveys that a land surveyor may conduct. These include:

  • Boundary Surveys: A boundary survey is the most common type of land survey. It determines the precise location of property boundaries and ensures that they are accurately marked.
  • Topographic Surveys: A topographic survey provides detailed information about the shape and contours of a piece of land, including information about the location of buildings, roads, and other structures.
  • Construction Surveys: A construction survey is conducted during the building process. It provides information about the location of buildings and other structures and ensures that they are being built in accordance with the plans.
  • As Built Surveys: As-built surveys include inspection immediately following new home construction. As-built plans provide homeowners with a certification of occupancy, and they accurately describe the property and the modifications that have been done as a result of the construction. They will include information about elevation, external property elements, municipal guidelines that the structure adheres to, boundary definitions and the location of utilities.

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