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When you wish to create more housing lots from one property or rearrange property lines to accommodate existing houses or land use, subdivision plans are essential. A subdivision plan is the end result of a long process involving a significant survey component, negotiations with approving authorities and consultations with neighbours. Collaboration between land development professionals including land surveyors, civil engineers, architects, marketing teams and planners is essential in the completion of a subdivision.

Survey components for subdivision plans usually include boundary re-tracement, topography, planning, layout of roads and services and posting the new lot corners on all subdivided lots. Bennett Land Surveying Ltd also prepares the subdivision plan for deposit at the BC land title office.

Bennett Land Surveying Ltd has substantial experience subdividing land in the Lower Mainland and surrounding areas, ranging from two to several hundred lots in size.

Bennett Land Surveying Ltd regularly provides efficient and accurate services in conjunction with the various consultants involved in the subdivision process. We ensure the information supplied will interface seamlessly with all parties involved.

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