Your BC Land Surveyors

Building Location Certificates

Mortgage certificates, formally called Building Location Certificates (BLC), are house location plans often required by banks as part of financing arrangements with a house purchase. If you are buying a house and your bank calls for a mortgage certificate, you will be required to provide a plan showing the lot, any structures and rights-of-way on the lot, and any encroachments either onto or off of the lot.

Bennett Land Surveying Ltd provides BLC surveys to clients after careful research of existing plans to ensure we can determine the property lines, and locate the house and all other structures relative to those lot lines in the most efficient manner possible. We rely on our own records and land title office survey records to complete our research before conducting our fieldwork using state of the art equipment. Plans are prepared digitally and presented in digital and/or plotted formats, and delivered to your lawyer electronically.

Home renovations require a survey which shows the house location on the property, similar to a mortgage certificate. Enough topographical detail needs to be included in order to allow the municipality to determine that the finished renovation will comply with building zoning requirements. Renovating homeowners often request that we acquire more than the minimum amount of topographical detail to satisfy municipal requirements. The advantage of more information is essential in the retention or enhancement of particular landscape features.

In most cases, and especially where variance is required, we provide digital photography for contextual information. Many architects, using computer technology, can now superimpose their design into our digital images. These images can be used to circulate to neighbours and the Board of Variance.