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Easements in BC

Easements handle the encroachment of one property owner’s rights over an adjacent property. For example, if your driveway (dominant tenement) was on your neighbour’s property (servient tenement), you would require an easement over your neighbour’s property to give you security of rights to that piece of property. Easements are also used for protecting the rights of passage through large buildings from one owner’s property to another.

Bennett Land Surveying Ltd has been identifying property boundaries and the rights associated with them for over 30 years. An easement plan can be prepared by us to accompany the title of a property. The agreement is then lawfully approved by the servient tenement and registered at the BC land title office.

Easements and Strata Corps

It is common practice for developers of strata properties to enter into easement agreements granting future strata owners access to shared facilities before the stratas are actually incorporated. These agreements allow developers to structure future cost-sharing arrangements of strata projects at the early stages of a development.

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