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Strata Plans for Development in Vancouver, North Vancouver, Surrey, Gibsons, Squamish and Kelowna

There is a lot of variety in condominium development projects requiring unique strata plans. Developers creating a title to more than one unit in a building, whether residential, commercial, a mix of residential/commercial, or a duplex, require a condominium survey under BC’s Strata Property Act. Bennett Land Surveying Ltd has been providing services for all sizes of condominium developments and strata plans for some of the most complicated developments in the Lower Mainland over the last 30 years.

Bennett Specializes in Strata Plans in Vancouver, North Vancouver, Surrey, Gibsons, Squamish and Kelowna

Bennett Land Surveying Ltd routinely conducts surveys and creates strata plans for some of the most complex and interesting condominium projects in the Lower Mainland, and we invite you to review testimonials from some of our clients. Condominium surveys are considered one of our specialties and we work very hard to ensure developer’s requirements are met within budget, in a timely manner.

The trend these days is for developers to subdivide mixed-use buildings by way of air space and then further subdivide the air space by way of a strata plan. These types of developments can be very complex, but it’s the only way to subdivide a building vertically and keep the strata separated from the remainder parcel.

Bennett Land Surveying Ltd has the capacity and experience to take on large-scale complex developments. We are very familiar with the municipal planning requirements, both statutory and non-statutory. We are also aware of the Land Title Office’s current policies governing strata and air space subdivisions.

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