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UAV Drone Surveying BC
Drone assisted surveying can save you time and money.

New surveying technologies mean new ways to get accurate surveys and volumes while saving time and money. UAV is an acronym for Unmanned Aerial Vehicle, aka drone. Bennett Land Surveying can equip our UAV with different sensors/survey measurement tools to serve your needs.  Theses sensors can be a camera, a Lidar module, or many other things.  

Our UAV can also use a camera to take pictures and we will process the data using Photogrammetry.  Photogrammetry is the science of taking measurements from photos. These techniques have been used since cameras were invented and are well refined. 

Generally in the past photogrammetry was only for large scale projects due to the cost. Advances in UAV technology, cameras and computer software allow Bennett to bring photogrammetry to  smaller projects at a reasonable cost.

Benefits of UAV Drone Surveying

There are three primary benefits to using UAV Drone surveying over conventional surveying in British Columbia: Safety, Efficiency and Cost.

Safety – remotely measure areas that are rugged, hazardous or hard to reach with little to no risk to professional surveyors.

Efficiency – capture data and receive deliverables with more detail more quickly than with conventional terrestrial methods.

Reduced Costs – capturing large areas in less time translates to cost savings for our clients.

Bennett is Transportation Canada approved for UAV Drone Surveying in BC

To provide UVA Drone surveying for your projects Bennett has invested significant time and resources to secure the latest equipment and necessary approvals.  In Canada airspace is regulated by the federal government and flying UAVs falls under Canadian Aviation Regulations (CAR). Transport Canada (TC) is the agency responsible for the CAR and requires a TC approved pilot and UAV to fly. 

Bennett Land Surveying pilots are TC approved and so are our state of the art UAVs. 

Surveying services most compatible with UAV Drone Surveying:

Who would benefit from UAV Drone Surveying?

  • Engineering and Planning
  • Industrial developments
  • Civil earthwork construction
  • Environment and landfill
  • Mining operations
  • Watershed/ floodplain mapping
  • Oil and gas applications
  • Agriculture and forestry

Volumetric Measurements Using UAV Drone Surveying

Landfills, gravel pits and any other open pit mines need volumetric surveys done on a regular basis.  This is where UAVs shine.  Your volumes can be captured in a fraction of the time and in a manner that is safe and does not disrupt operations. In addition to calculating volumes we also provide an up-to-date image of the site. 

UAV Drone Surveying in Nanaimo and Across BC

Bennett Land Surveying is the only Nanaimo based surveying company that offers UAV Drone Surveying. We are also able to bring our UAV technology and expertise to your projects across British Columbia.    

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