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Site Plans / Topographical Surveys for BC Properties

Effective planning for any development depends on precise site plans  to generate mapping that details the surface of the earth and objects on it. If you are designing anything from a new garden to a new subdivision, you will find that topographical surveys are necessary and very useful planning tools.

Bennett Land Surveying and Site Plans / Topographical Surveys

Over the last several decades Bennett Land Surveying Ltd has emerged as a trusted and affordable provider of high-quality and accurate topographical surveys for Greater Vancouver properties of all sizes. From single-family lots where a topographical surveys aid in the design of a new house, to multi-hundred-hectare property topographical surveys for new developments, Bennett Land Surveying Ltd has the necessary experience and equipment for your project.

Our Technology

We conduct topographical surveys of large areas using LIDAR technology, controlled by GPS. This airborne laser system has proven to be very fast, accurate and cost effective. We also carry out large-scale mapping projects on the ground using standard and aerial techniques. Data is captured, processed and plotted electronically, using the most current survey equipment and techniques.

Site Plans for New Homes

Topographical surveys are a vital element in the layout and construction of new homes. They detail natural elements such as creek banks, trees, and rock outcrops, as well as man-made on-site structures such as rock walls, driveways, fences and landscaping. Off-site features such as municipal services are also included in topographical surveys.

Maximize Your Land and Views

Effective residential building design is achieved by precise building layout among the land’s topographical features. These features affect view corridors, which are essential in the design and placement of a new home in order to maximize the available views. Topographical surveys/plans provide 3D data sets which are not only used by architects and engineering firms for design purposes and can also be used for cost of construction estimates. Once an electronic house design is superimposed on our electronic topographic file, we use in-house software to calculate excavation volumes.

Typically, plans are drawn showing the perimeter of the property, all data collected and interpolated contours. Our survey returns are in the form of plotted plans, digital files and photographs, and they can be sent to the client and architect in any specified format.

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