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Construction Surveys for British Columbia

Whether they are in urban environments or remote locations in BC, successful construction projects require precise construction surveys. Construction surveys provide a new building’s elevations and the precise layout of grid and wall lines relative to its property lines. This ensures the new building will be located according to the owner’s requirements. Bennett Land Surveying Ltd owns and operates modern field and computer equipment with established quality control protocols to ensure superior work and service. Our expertise and equipment allow us to provide construction layout services to the millimeter.

 New Home Construction Surveys

Land Surveyors in Langford, Sannich and other rapidly growing areas of the province are seeing greater demand for construction surveys. In order to construct a new home, legal and construction surveys are necessary; the exact requirements depend on the municipality. Prior to construction and design, a re-posting survey is needed if the property corners are missing. A topographic survey is also required to establish building grades for the new home.

During construction, your contractor will request a layout of the foundation position in the excavation, so concrete forms can be erected in the proper location. Most municipalities require a survey of the forms prior to the pouring of concrete, making certain that the concrete will be in the correct location.

The timing of these surveys critically affects the flow of the construction project and requires collaboration between the builder, designer and surveyor. Bennett Land Surveying Ltd has been providing these services for homeowners and developers for over 30 years, and you can trust us to make sure the surveying on your new home project runs smoothly.

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