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Restrictive Covenants

Restrictive covenants are used to restrict the use of a certain area of land and are often used by municipal authorities to ensure that new construction projects meet certain criteria. For example, a restrictive covenant can be used to ensure that new houses are of a certain size. They can also be used to make sure creek banks are protected from development for the benefit of fish-bearing waters. Restrictive covenants are also occasionally used by individual homeowners to protect view corridors over adjacent properties, with the agreement of the adjacent property owner.

Restrictive Covenant: A covenant imposing a restriction on the use of land so that the value and enjoyment of adjoining land will be preserved.

Bennett Land Surveying Ltd has been entrusted with the survey of many kilometers of creek banks within development projects we have completed. We have developed both on-site and aerial means to facilitate the identification and survey of these types of restrictive covenants.

Local governments and the Crown Provincial, on behalf of developers, entrust us with creating the boundaries that best reflect the requirements of those agencies. Bennett Land Surveying Ltd utilizes the latest in field and office computing equipment, together with LiDAR mapping where available, to facilitate surveys required for the creation of a restrictive covenant.

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