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Monitoring Surveys: What They Are and How They Work

Introduction to Monitoring Surveys

A monitoring survey tracks the movement of buildings or structures over time. This involves regular checks at specific intervals, utilizing various techniques and equipment including lasers scanners and tilt sensors. Monitoring is a high precision survey to observe and document movement and vibrations (or lack thereof) over time. Measurements are reported at regular intervals during demolition, excavation, below grade construction works, and other activities. The intent of Monitoring Surveys is to ensure stability or help anticipate movement that may impact lands, buildings or infrastructure adjacent to a project.

Importance of Monitoring Surveys

Monitoring surveys are crucial for detecting early signs of movement in structures, preventing potential disasters, and avoiding costly reconstructions. They are especially essential during substantial construction activities near buildings.

Types of Monitoring Surveys

1. Laser Scanning

Utilizes lasers to capture millions of points on a structure, allowing for comparison over time to detect movement. Learn more about 3D Scanning. Scanning equipment surveys the entire structure over time, producing a “heat map” to identify areas of movement.

2. Fixed Position Monitoring

Involves setting up survey control networks and attaching reflective targets to predetermined spots on the structure. By identifying fixed points on a structure and observing their movement over time minute movements can be detected.

3. Tilt Sensor Monitoring

Accurately measures angles of tilt and sends data to a central hub at regular intervals. Particularly important for detecting wall tilting in a particular direction and assessing the degree of tilt.

4. Crack Monitoring

Utilizes Crack Gauges or Monitoring Studs to observe crack movement over time. Cracks in a structure may be seen to be opening or closing over time.

Need Stability or Deformation Monitoring?

Our experienced surveyors specialize in delivering precise monitoring surveys. We have over 40 years of experience providing accurate, reliable surveys. All Bennett Surveyors are certified by the BC Land Surveyors Association.

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