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Property Boundaries BC

When constructing a new house, adding an addition, building a fence, or landscaping a garden, it is important to know where your property boundaries / lines are. In the event of uncertainty, a reposting survey ( property boundary restaking ) is necessary to determine property corners and re-establish property lines. The saying “good fences make good neighbors” is only true if the fence is in its correct location, observing precise property lines.

When re-establishing property corners, we work within an accuracy of approximately 1/8″ or 0.003 meters. We rely on our own records as well as land title office records to ensure the latest information available is used in the field and office. All surveys are filed in the land title office electronically, and can be accessed by the owner, neighbours and other land surveyors. Bennett Land Surveying Ltd has been providing property line staking for over 30 years, and we rely on that experience to provide the best service possible within an established time frame and budget.

Property Boundaries BC – Have a need for Property Boundary Staking?