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HD Scanning

Bennett Land Surveying Ltd is one of very few companies in British Columbia that offers HD Scanning / High Definition Surveying. High Definition Surveying (HDS) uses highly-advanced laser scanning equipment, capable of measuring 50,000 points per second, to generate very accurate 3D point models of any object, structure or terrain. This type of surveying is suited for preparing as-built, topographic or engineering plans of highly detailed structures such as:

      • Heritage building facades
      • Pipe works in plants
      • Electrical substations
      • Large-scale industrial equipment
      • Objects that have irregular features such as dams or bridges
      • Areas with limited or no access such as steep cliffs
      • Busy highways and intersections
      • Environmentally sensitive areas

HDS is also very effective for quantitative surveys, such as determining volumes of excavations or stockpiles. If your project requires a survey of a detailed structure or an area with limited access, then HD Scanning may be your solution. We are pleased to discuss HDS as a safe, accurate and cost effective option for your surveying needs.

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